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2018 Leather Sofa Buying Guide

Leather Sofa Buying Guide 2018

There is something unique about a leather sofa that is a bit luxurious. It is incredibly versatile too, adding something special to nearly any room. They complement many styles from the minimalistic approach to grand designs. All leather is not created equally though as there are many styles and materials to choose from. Buyers should be aware of these choices and the spaces they are looking to fill before making a decision as to what the best style is for them. Our leather sofa buying guide will help you understand what to consider before purchasing.

Room Layout

Because you are about to make a big investment into a leather sofa, you should carefully plan where it is going to go. It is a good idea to draw a scaled layout of the room you are wanting to add a leather sofa too. Make note of any existing fixed furniture in place, like lights that obviously need to be near a plug, and things like where the plugs, cable connection and phone jack are located. The empty spaces will give you a better visual of where your new leather sofa will fit. Measure out the actual space.

Types of Leather Sofas

Many of those venturing out to buy a leather sofa are under the initial impression that all leather is basically the same, however they will quickly find that there are a vast number of different types. Each type of material has its own unique qualities. These are some of the most common types buyers will come across.

The highest quality leather available is Italian Full-Grain. This material is made using all the hide’s layers. It is the costliest of leathers and difficult to maintain, but you are rewarded with an exquisite piece of leather. Top Grain is very similar but only made with the top layer of hide.

Semi-Aniline leather shows the natural leather marks while being protected with a clear sealant. This helps prevent most stains and marks. It’s a popular choice as it still shows leather in its natural beauty but is easier to take care of. Pigmented leather is another type of treated leather that is still of high-quality but easy to maintain. It can be very stiff at first but then will soften over time.

Microfibre and faux leather are not leather at all, but instead are made with synthetic materials. Microfibre gives a great impression of leather and is simple to maintain. Faux leather (or “pleather” as it is often referred to) is made from vinyl.

Styles of Leather Sofas

You can mainly find leather sofas in three types of styles: contemporary, transitional and traditional. For a really elegant look and feel, a Chesterfield may be to right choice for your room, like any of these from our Chesterfield Collection. This style is both traditional and sophisticated with its neutral colour selection that pairs well with wooden furniture. You may prefer a contemporary style, a clean, sleek look with big, bold colours.

Buy with Confidence

A little bit of understanding with help from our leather sofa buying guide will allow you to determine the best option for your space. If you’re still not sure, our team can help you find the perfect solution that suits your space and style. Have a look at our popular sofa collection for inspiration or contact us on 01706 874452 for more information.

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