How to a clean a Leather Chesterfield Sofa

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If you invest in a beautiful leather Chesterfield sofa, you want to keep it in as pristine condition possible over the years. Now is the perfect time for a Spring clean but regular cleaning is the best way to keep your sofa in top condition, but the right products must be used so the material doesn’t become damaged. If you want to keep life in your furniture for many years to come, follow these tips on how to clean a leather sofa.

Vacuum and dust to rid of debris

Start by using a soft brush attachment on a vacuum to get rid of debris found in the creases and folds of the sofa. The soft bristles will make sure the material doesn’t become scratched, so if you do not have this attachment, then use a handheld soft bristled brush to gently sweep away debris. Then use a microfibre or father dusters to sweep all over the couch. It is important to get rid of all the debris on the sofa before cleaning further, because if it is left on the surface it can scratch the material.

Use the right solution on the leather

You can make your own cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar. Alternatively, you can use an appropriate commercial leather cleaning solution mixed well in water, but if you do this then spot test an inconspicuous spot beforehand to ensure it won’t cause damage.

Dip a microfibre or other soft cloth into the solution and wring out the excess so that it is only damp. Starting from the top of the sofa and working your way down, wipe the whole sofa. Use a soft, clean towel to dry the sofa. Never use a blow dryer to speed up the process as it can dry out the material.

Condition the leather

Keeping your leather conditioned is the perfect way of keeping it looking great and feeling soft. Always read the label carefully to know how to prepare it. Carefully rub the solution into the leather with a soft cloth in a circular motion. Again, make sure the cloth is only damp and not soaking in solution. Let the sofa dry out overnight. The next day, use a clean cloth to buff it out, leaving a nice, healthy shine behind. You should use a commercial leather conditioner on the sofa every 6-12 months.

Tackle stains as quickly as possible

The most effective way of keeping stains off of your leather sofa is to clean them as soon as possible. Drinks like coffee, tea and red wine should not be given the chance to dry. Soak up the liquid with a cloth, then use a cleaning solution on the area and dry it with a clean towel.

Grease stains are commonly caused by food as well as hair and beauty products. Like for liquid stains, clean using a solution and dry the area. If the stain is persistent, then try sprinkling bicarbonate of soda or cornstarch on it. Let it sit on the stain for a few hours before gently brushing away.

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