How Living Room Colour Can Affect Your Mood

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The style many of us go for when it comes to designing a room is usually something that reflects our personalities. We do not normally think about how we want to feel in our room, but really the room colour scheme has a tremendous affect on how we feel and even how we think.

Studies have shown that certain colours, or groups of colours, have had a similar affect on mood. For this reason, people are encouraged to think carefully about their room design, so it is something they are happy and comfortable in.

Choosing a Colour Scheme to Suit Your Mood

The first step in determining the right living room colour is deciding how you want to feel in it. Do you want it to be a cosy and tranquil space or one that is open and inviting? Think about the colours that make you feel that certain way. You should choose a small variety of colours, around three to four. Too many colours will look cluttered. Fabric furniture and carpeting tend to come in a smaller variety of colours than paint, so choose these first and then go for a paint colour scheme around them. Paint can be fairly inexpensive, so if you find the room isn’t quite giving the feeling you want it to, then it can often be replaced.

Colour Effects

Colours tend to come in the form of active, passive or neutral. Light colours make a room look spacious and bright while darker colours are classic and cosy.

Red is the colour of excitement. It is shown to raise adrenaline levels and even blood pressure. If your living room is one where entertaining takes place often, then red is great for stimulating conversation and bringing people together.

Shades of blue are said to have an opposite effect to red. It has a calming feeling, brings down blood pressure and is relaxing. For this reason, it is a very popular colour for the bedroom or bathroom, but as a living room colour, lighter hues may come off as a bit cold. For living rooms, stick with warmer shades of blue like periwinkle or bright blues like turquoise. Stay away from dark blues, which give the feeling of sadness.

Yellow is bright and joyful! It is a colour that is welcoming and warm, however it is discouraged to use this as the main colour in a living room scheme. It can give the feeling of frustration. Studies have shown that babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms even.

Dark shades of purple are really striking and give the feeling of sophistication. Its association with royalty gives it a regal feeling. It adds a lot of depth to any room. Lighter shades of purple such as lilac have the same positive properties of blue but without the same cold feeling.

Green is a fun, pleasing colour that possesses the positive qualities of both blue and yellow by being joyful, calming and warm. As a living room colour, it promotes relaxation and a feeling of togetherness.

Neutral tones like white, black, brown and grey are extremely versatile. A pop of colour can be added for some character or taken away for a more clean, calm look. Stay away from letting black dominate your colour scheme, but instead use it for accents.

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