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Why Your Living Room Needs an Oversized Rug

Oversized Rug for your living room

For many, a rug is the finishing touch to most rooms. With a simple rug, the look and feel of a room can be transformed, but instead of looking for your typical rug to go in the middle of the space, we’re encouraging you to think big and go for the oversized choice.

Instant Sophistication

When you add a small rug to a large space, it can make the room look more segregated, smaller and busier. A large, oversized rug that covers a wider space makes a room feel bigger, classier and more relaxing than that choppy look.

Divide an Open-Plan Space

The open-plan look is something very desired at the moment. It creates more useable space, making the home seem bigger than it actually is. However, this doesn’t mean that people don’t want separate spaces, and to do this, simply add an oversized rug. For example, many homes have a kitchen that opens into the dining area. Adding a rug in the dining area will give that feel of a separate area away from the kitchen (and it will protect your floors from the dining room chairs too)!

Create a More Intimate Setting

Large rooms with a sofa in this corner and a couple of chairs opposite can leave quite a gap in the middle. A large rug between and just under the furniture will bring it all together instead of a wide-open space between. This gives the illusion of a more intimate setting and having furniture look more in place than so spread out. Additionally, if you have a very large room to work with, consider adding two rugs to create two separate cosy settings for people to gather.

Add a Layer of Protection to Your Carpet

Have you got a light-coloured carpet in your home? While these colours can really open up a space and make it look bright, it’s no secret how they’re susceptible to staining and more obvious wear-and-tear. You can protect your carpet by adding an oversized rug to cover high traffic areas. It can also turn a neutral room into one that has a bit more life in it with a rug with a bold colour or fun pattern.

Layer Up for That Oversized Look

You don’t need to go out and purchase one big rug to achieve oversized status. You can layer two normal sized rugs the complement each other to make it seem bigger than it is. Go for one solid colour over a patterned one that gives the look of a large rug with a stylish border. This is especially helpful for those who are renting but don’t want to invest in a larger sized rug that may not fit in their next home.

If you’re looking for more ways to change up the room, check out our blog on how to arrange furniture where we give further tips on achieving a new look. Need new furniture to go with this look? Then The Crafted Sofa Company can provide you with something special with our sofa and chair collections. Get in touch to discuss your living room ideas, and let us help emulate your style with sophisticated furniture pieces.

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