Fabric Chesterfield Sofas– Are They For Me?

Fabric Chesterfield Sofa

Fabric Chesterfield sofas have a sophisticated sense about them and bring luxury into any room. Their style is timeless with an air of elegance that really changes the look and feel of the room. While many immediately think of a fine leather sofa when it comes to Chesterfield, as that is what they are traditionally upholstered with, a fabric chesterfield sofa is a fantastic way of creating something complementary to existing surroundings and still looking chic.

We offer a range of handmade fabric sofas, fabric Chesterfield sofa bed and corner sofa and you may find the style and colours available to be absolutely perfect for your home.

A More Modern Look

While a leather sofa has a timeless beauty about it, the fabric version is a bit more modern. You still get the same classic design, but with a bit more colour.  A fabric Chesterfield sofa still looks quite professional but is a bit more relaxed than its leather counterpart. If you want something elegant yet inviting, then fabric may be ideal for you.

Easier Maintenance

Most fabrics today are much easier to care for than leather. Leather requires regular maintenance to keep its pristine look, and while fabric also needs to be cared for, it seems to come a lot easier than leather. They often need a quick gentle run with a vacuum cleaner and soft brush attachment. Many fabrics are also now stain-resistant, so stains aren’t so worrisome as they were in the past. This is great for families with young kids!

The Crafted Sofa Company Fabrics - Reno Velvets

Our sofas are available in Reno FR Velvets


Real leather comes in a small range of colours, and while these colours are classic for the leather look, it doesn’t always suit the style of your room. Choosing fabric opens a world of possibilities in terms of texture and colour, meaning there is a style that will suit any room. At the moment velvet sofas are on trend but you can choose from wool, linen, tweed and other types of fabrics. Go for something that blends in well with the surroundings or opt for a piece that stands out and makes a statement.


Fabric is a lot less expensive than genuine leather, although with proper care, leather has the potential to last longer. However, with it being the cheaper version, it is easier to change the décor of a room and not worry too much about replacing it with something more suitable in the future. If you want the look of a Chesterfield but are on a budget, then fabric is a wonderful alternative.

Chesterfield Sofa Fabric - Zurich Velvets

Our sofas are available in Zurich Velvets


Genuine leather is actually quite soft, but for the ultimate comfort, go for fabric. A fabric Chesterfield sofa great for any type of climate, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Whether you’re considering fabric Chesterfield or want to go with a leather Chesterfield, talk to us at The Crafted Sofa Company about your options. Our Chesterfield Collection is tailored to your own style and needs. When you buy direct from us, you know you are getting fine, high-quality handmade furniture designed your way. Check out our Chesterfield sofa sale.

If you’d like to see and feel the fabrics before you buy, why not request a free swatch sample sent straight to your home?

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