Why It’s Better to Buy Direct From The Manufacturer

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If you’re in the market for some new furniture, big furniture store names spring to mind first, but there are other options out there for consumers, like purchasing direct from the manufacturer. Finding the right sofa manufacturer and buying direct from them has never been easier, and it also comes with a lot of benefits. Before you limit yourself with what a typical furniture store has, consider these reasons why it’s better to buy direct.

Bespoke Designs

When you go to a retailer, they will often try to sell you what they have in stock only. You may go in with something specific in mind but ending up having to make a compromise because you couldn’t find the design you were hoping for. When buying a sofa direct from a manufacturer, you often get the choice of a bespoke design. You relay your ideas right to the manufacturer and don’t have to worry about a middleman. This often leads to better communication and assurance you are getting exactly what you are wanting.

Greater Choice

Retailers will often pick out a few items from larger collections to have available to sell, so you won’t always see everything. When you buy direct, you get to see entire collections and have much greater choice (in addition to bespoke designs). For example, The Crafted Sofa Company’s Sofa Collection features a vast choice of elegant leather sofas and chairs.

Expert Service

When you choose direct, you’re choosing to buy from the experts. Manufacturers know their product better than anybody, and they will be able to answer questions and advise as to all the styles available, materials used, design ideas and more. When it comes to the specific material and maintenance, manufacturers will have the best advice since they know their own products inside-out.

Lower Costs

Those looking for a deal may find one when they go direct. This is because there are no costs involved in working with retailers like transport costs or commissions to deal with. There are no added mark-ups from retailers either. This often makes the retail price a lot lower than you would find at a furniture store. This combined with a bespoke design and personalised customer service really makes for a superb deal for many.

You can also save with manufacturer’s warranties rather than buying from a retailer. Extended warranties from retailers potentially come with a lot of add-ons that aren’t necessary and may not even be relevant to your product, yet you still pay a premium for it. With a manufacturer warranty, you’re getting coverage that is more applicable to your product.

Buy Direct From The Crafted Sofa Company

The Crafted Sofa Company creates exquisite pieces of leather furniture to your specification. We want to provide your home or office with something that suits your style, so our furniture is tailored around you. Have a look at our Leather Sofa Buying Guide for some inspiration then contact us to discuss your ideas and see how The Crafted Sofa Company can create something special for your space.

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