What’s Hiding Down Your Sofa?

Fabric Chesterfield Sofa and Foot Stall

Sofas are notorious for being hiding spots of some of the most bizarre things. It’s not even a place we would think of right away that would be able to hold a lot, but you’d be surprised at what you could find! So, what exactly is hiding in the deepest, darkest depths of the corners of your sofa?


This is what we all hope to find in our sofa! One independent study said that 59% of Brits have reported losing their money whilst relaxing on the sofa. This is very common, which is why many of us go looking under cushions when we need some spare change.

TV Remote

The TV remote control is obviously going to be close by when we’re enjoy some TV time on the sofa, so there is no shock that when it goes missing, it is often found wedged into the sides and corners. Check here first before getting into the argument of who stole the remote!


From tiny crumbs to pizza crusts, food will always find it’s way down into the sofa if you sit on it to eat. Even dogs will bury their treats there and forget about them. Food items like cutlery and wrappers can also be found in the couch. Food buried in the couch can turn mouldy, and it’s really nothing you want to be sitting on as the mould can be harmful to our health. Frequently give the corners of the sofa a quick vacuum if you tend to eat on it often.


The deep, undisturbed areas in the couch are perfect spots for allergens to gather. Dust mites find their way in and can cause havoc to airways, especially to those suffering with asthma or other breathing conditions. This is especially true in soft furnishings, so a regular clean will keep the air cleaner too.

Bacteria and Viruses

If you spend a lot of time on your sofa, then chances are germs will too. There can be even more lurking about with kids and pets. If there has been a bug going around the home, families often will clean surfaces, bed sheets, etc. but forget about the couch. If your home is full of sniffles and coughs, then be sure to include your couch in your sanitising efforts.

How to Clean Your Sofa

While many items seem harmless, dirt, grime and food debris can cause damage to the leather material of your Chesterfield sofa. Regular cleaning will keep your sofa in top condition. First, vacuum up the debris or brush it away with a soft cloth. Then, use a good leather cleaning solution to gently clean the material with. Finish with a leather conditioner and let dry. You can find out more about how to clean your Chesterfield sofa here.

Cleaning the sofa is just one aspect of a good spring clean that could benefit your home. Find out more about why your home needs a spring clean this year over on our previous blog.

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