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6 Tips to Create a Home Office You Want to Work In

Home Office Layout

Working from home is something many find as a perk of the job. You get a chance to get out of the boring four walls of an office and into a more comfortable setting, but you may find yourself creating a home office that mimics it. This is your home and your chance to make your workspace the way you feel most comfortable in. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Consider the Right Pinterest Options

Pinterest is a great tool for finding inspiration, but some of the elaborate designs just aren’t fit for purpose. Keep a board of the most realistic designs for you. Keep in mind how you would feel both physically and mentally with the features on show. Bright colours may look great, but to stare at them all day may be more distracting. Furniture should be practical and able to support you comfortably for 40+ hour work weeks.

Be Ergonomically Aware

Speaking of being comfortable, if your chair is not able to support your back and pressure points properly, then you will find yourself not wanting to sit at your desk at all. Make sure your feet touch the ground or invest in a footstool. Put your monitor at eye level or a little below as gazing down will reduce eye fatigue as opposed to having to look up. However, too low will put a strain on your neck and can have a negative effect on posture.

Use Natural Light

Putting your computer in the darkest corner of the room just reflects the old, drab office you would normally find yourself in. Take advantage of having a wonderful window. Pull open those curtains, and let the natural light in. Putting your desk parallel to the window will give you the chance to take in this light and enjoy the scenery.

Extra Lighting is Still Needed

We can’t always depend on natural light when those cloudy days hit or when work takes place in those darker hours, so get some additional lamps. Overhead room lighting usually isn’t ideal for working, so invest in some table lamps with some soft lighting.

Add Some Plants

There’s something unique about adding greenery to a home office. They are proven to bring happiness too, so all the more reason to have them in your office. Houseplants are relatively easy to take care of and can go a couple days without being watered.

Have Efficient Storage Solutions

Being in a home office means you get the pleasure of not having to stick with a big, grey, heavy, steel filing cabinet, but you will need somewhere to file away all those papers or they can end up all over the place. Get some magazine racks, which come in a variety of styles to suit your room. Bookcases are also great. Big ones that can go behind you make a great backdrop for those business video calls.

To make your home office actually feel like an office you can be productive in, why not top off the look with an exquisite Gainsborough Office Chair from The Crafted Sofa Company? The chair is designed in a way that suits you, with swivel, tilt, gas height adjustment options or even a traditional fixed stand. No matter which features you choose, the chair has that classic executive look and feel that people love. Contact us to see how we can design the perfect one to suit your new home office.

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