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Sofa Beds – Comfort and Convenience

Chesterfield Sofa Bed For Comfort

When it comes to furniture versatility, nothing beats the sofa bed. The functionality of both a sofa and a bed is desirable for a wide range of reasons. If you’re wondering how you’re going to find the space for family when they next visit, then a sofa bed may be the answer. If you are in the market for a new sofa, here is why you should consider a sofa bed.

It’s a Major Space (and Money) Saver

Is space hard to come by in your home? If you have limited space but are in the need of a spare bed, then a sofa bed is an excellent solution, with the dual functionality of the sofa using one space for two items of furniture. This is ideal for flats especially who may not have the extra space for another bed.

With this kind of two-in-one set-up, you’ll also save money by not having to go out and buy a separate bed. The price difference between a sofa bed and a standalone bed can be in the hundreds, and with how comfortable they are nowadays, there is no real need to spend the extra money on a spare bed if you don’t have to.

Style isn’t Sacrificed

Sofa beds used to be a bit clunky, with limited choices available to those who wanted a sofa bed, but design has come a long way in the last 20-30 years allowing you to find one in most designs/styles. Sofa beds can look just as stylish as regular sofas, like this Sussex Chesterfield that has a sophisticated, timeless look and feel. Guests won’t know they’re sitting on a bed!

When the bed does fold out, it looks fantastic with the chic back cushions acting as a headboard. The striking traditional black Monks Chesterfield sofa bed and the mahogany of the Oxford Chesterfield sofa bed are examples of a few of our sofas that offer a wonderful luxurious look.

…Neither is Comfort

Today’s sofa beds are more comfortable than ever. It’s far superior to other methods like an air mattress or even a futon where a cushion is all that separates you from the bars. Your guests can enjoy a good night’s sleep on a sofa bed.

They’re Quick and Easy to Set-Up

Sofa beds are incredibly easy and quick to set-up! Simply remove cushions and pull it out, mattress and all. It literally takes seconds to create an instant guest room. You won’t need to worry about setting up the bed ahead of time for your guests. There are no contraptions of any kind like there may have been in the past; just expect a smooth transition from sofa to bed to sofa again.

Convinced a sofa bed is the way to go? The Crafted Sofa Company can supply sofa beds as part of our amazing Chesterfield Collection including The Gladstone and Windsor Chesterfield sofa beds where style meets functionality for a luxury sofa bed option. Contact us to discuss the ideas you have for your space, and we’ll help find that perfect fit.

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